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​If you’re someone who loves simplicity, then you probably have a lot of neutral colors outfits. Wearing neutral colors outfits is OK, but it may look like we’re wearing the same thing over and over again and it can get boring and tiring to look the same every single day. The good news is that updating your neutral outfit can be real easy. All you need to do is add some colors and your look is all changed. Here are some ideas to introduce colors to your outfit and make it look more refreshing and stylish.

Earrings: they are a great idea to add some bright hues to your look, if you’re wearing a neutral outfit. All you have to do is choose a pair of bold and colorful statement earrings. You can choose your pair in one color or in a multitude of colors witch will give you a more vibrant and unique look.

Scarf: unlike what a lot of us think, scarfs can be used even when the weather is warm; it all depends on how you incorporate a scarf in your outfit. Scarves are very colorful and they come in different designs and prints which makes them the perfect item to use if you want to pop out your boring outfit to life. You can wear it as a headband or around your neck or tie it to your purse…It depends on the look and the style you want to get.

Shoes and shoelaces: Shoes are a master piece in every outfit you wear. It should always look the best to succeed in your look. Choose a really bright and funky color for your neutral outfit and get ready. You will be amazed at how this simple choice will transform your ordinary look to a fashion statement.

​Another way to make your shoes look unique and add your personal touch to them is to change your shoelaces. Shoelaces come in different colors and prints that can transform the look not only of your shoe but of the all outfit. Furthermore, shoelaces are very affordable unlike a lot of other accessories. You can also use colored or printed Shoelaces as a belt or a hair accessory for a very youthful and funky look.